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Restore Balance with Homeopathy

  • Homeopathy is a holistic therapy that works with balancing the body in a subtle, gentle way to restore health. It works with the whole person on the mental, emotional and physical levels.

  • Homeopathy sees symptoms as a way in which the body tries to restore itself to health. It uses these symptoms as clues to what remedy the person needs.

  • A balanced mind and body means a healthier more effective immune system.

  • The remedy that matches the person (in mind and body)as closely as possible, is the remedy that assist the body in it's healing process.

  • It is the symptoms which are unique to the person that are most important in homeopathy. Two people with the same condition may need different remedies.

  • The remedies that we use are in the form of pills or drops, they are pleasant to take, and non-toxic and they are not habit forming. The remedies come from natural sources and are diluted in a special way to reduce any unwanted side effects.

  • Because homeopathy is gentle and uses natural remedies it is ideal for pregnant women, children and older people as well as those on medication.

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